Is it FREE to register your child?

NO. Is not FREE. A completed application form with P300 registration and assessment fee and                    a non-refundable P 3000.00 Development Levy is required during registration.

Where is the School located?

Sejo Senye Street,Gerald Estates 23663, FRANCISTOWN

Does the school offer school fees payment plans?

Yes, the school does offer a variety of school payment plans. The various options can be obtained by dowloading the school prospectus and fee structure documents from this site.

What are the facilities that the school have?

The school has a variety of facilities that will provide an enabling environment for the students at the school.Such facilities include two swimming pools, Basketball, volleyball, Tennis, netball, football, TV room and of course computer lab and library.

Does St Kizito have boarding Facilities?

Yes the School does have boarding faciliteies for its secondary school. The boarders are supervised by a boarding master and boarding matron. The school is not currently offering boarding for its primary school pupils. But this is under consideration.

Are parents allowed to visit their children in boarding?

Parents are allowed to visit their child last Saturday of the every month.

What are transfer and withdrawal conditions?

If a student is to be transferred to another school or decide to stop school, it is crucial that the school is notified in writing.

The student should give one full term’s notice before a child is withdrawn from school. One full term’s fee will be charged if the correct notice is not given.

What are the assessment and report criteria ?
  • Student’s progress is continually monitored. This is done through continuous assessment, class exercises, and examination.
  • Reports for students are issued on a regular basis at the end of every term.
  • Teachers may make appointment to see parents concerning the progress of students at any time during the year. Parents must feel free to do likewise.

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