Nurturing the spirit…

The day of baptism

If you are still wondering where you should take your child to school, well worry less because St. Kizito is the perfect school to school your kids. It teaches responsibilities and good manners, let’s not forget it brings you closer to God. A very remarkable day to not be forgotten was the day I received my first Holy Communion is St. Kizito. It was on a Sunday the 26th of July 2020. Well, the preparations were well done, a week before the Ceremony.

On that day my fellow brothers were dressed in black but myself
and my fellow sister were dressed in all white looking like angels. Early morning that day we had to browse through the songs with the
other choir members from our own school.

We, unfortunately, had to have it in school because we were disadvantaged by Corona restricting us from having movements in and out of the school to avoid being attacked by
the virus. Well, it was not a bad idea after all because we were mindful or rules and regulations of the school as well as the government.

St. Kizito Catholic Secondary School aspires to nurture the
academic development and good morals by incorporating

So we had prepared the Alter but not yet dressed for the occasion because we did not want to mess up our outfits before the day began and besides we still had to go for our usual Saturday early morning study because
we were still preparing for IGCSE examinations and Mid term Exams. After all the preparations and made it clear that all the guests are comfortable we had to rush to quickly dress for the occasion, so we did that and I
was so nervous because that has never happened in my life and it was a huge step to take to get closer to God…So exiting! People were so happy to witness this as it was also new to the school since birth in 2012.

Well among us who were receiving first Holy Communion we had only one getting Baptised. In all we were only Four…I know…just a small number right? But on that day it was not as small as we can name it now because it was the big moment of the school’s life. The Ceremony began and I
was at peace and joyful to see happy smiling faces. We sang like never before…so nice I even had joyful tears. The first occasion was for baptism and First Holy Communion followed. It all went well we were happy, we took pictures with Father the one who was celebrating mass with
us and in the end we shared some snacks to share with all who were there. By Rethabile Seoli

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