“Holiday Picnic”

When we got there we were welcomed by
the farm care takers and were shown
around . The first activity we engaged in
was checking onto the pastoral side of the
farm . The tour guide explained on the
breed names (both in Setswana and English) , feeds and common animal diseases . As a wise man once said “chop your
own wood , it will warm you twice as
much” the students also got to learn on
ways of collecting firewood and the properties that show that wood is best for
making fire .

Before we got further into business we
started of with having sandwich’s and drinks . We
moved on to a different section of the farm which was
a river and carried on with the rest of the activities
there . Some of the activities there were , mine field
hula hoop , treasure hunt , dancing competition ,
friendship test , story telling , etc . In the middle of
these games there was a break for lunch , with a
mouth watering dish prepared by Ms Mokwena , Ms
Robert and Mr Peter . This was maize meal (pap) , the
irresistible chakalaka and varieties of meat all broke
down with a cold soft drink to cool out the scourging
heat .

The students and the teachers who were there
really had a blast . Some of the skills most of
the students would say they have upgraded on
from that day are interaction and communication skills and also they have developed a sense of teamwork. The students would like to
thank the members of staff for organizing this
picnic. A special vote of thanks to Mr. Makari,
Mr Madzime, Mr Mulenga, Mr Itseng, and the
rest had enjoyed and spent the day with

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